There are many great reasons to own a Sprinter van. Their durability and reliability are two popular reasons. A wide range of businesses decide to own Sprinters vans as company vehicles because they can carry multiple people along with any necessary supplies. Sprinters also make for reliable vehicles when traveling long distances. With all these benefits, it is easy to see why Sprinters are popular vehicles.

Part of owning a Sprinter is understanding how it works so you know when it needs additional maintenance or servicing. One important part is the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and its tendency to become clogged. Continue reading to learn more about what the DPF does, what signs to look for that it is clogged, and where to go to have the diesel particulate filter cleaned.

The Function of the DPF

There is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in every diesel car, van, or truck, including the Sprinter. The DPF is an exhaust treatment device that is responsible for collecting and trapping ash and soot.

The diesel particulate filter is most commonly made out of a ceramic type material that has been formed into the shape of a honeycomb. This design allows for the maximum amount of soot and ash to be collected.

To aid in the emissions process, the soot and ash are periodically burned off to ensure the proper function and regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. This is generally done automatically when the Sprinter has made a long journey.

The burning off of soot means that there is a reduction in the harmful emissions that are being released into the atmosphere. In other words, the diesel particulate filter is what reduces the black smoke that is commonly seen coming out of the tailpipe. So the DPF plays an important part when it comes to vehicles that run on diesel.

Signs of a Clogged DPF

Before going into the signs of a clogged DPF, it is important to know that long drives allow the DPF to automatically engage in the regeneration process. The clogging occurs when the Sprinter goes on only short journeys because the DPF never has the opportunity to activate the regeneration process.

The first sign to be aware of if there is a clogged diesel particulate filter is the light illuminated on the dashboard. The DPF has a light on the dashboard that will illuminate when there is an issue. The DPF is monitored by the Sprinter’s computer and if a clog is detected, the computer will send a signal to the dashboard so the corresponding light illuminates. The light is orange or a dark yellow and looks like a bar of particles with smoke going through it. This dashboard light is a good depiction of the DPF with emission smoke coming through it. When the light illuminates, you know that you should have your Sprinter looked at to have the clog repaired.

The second sign to look for is the reduced fuel economy in your Sprinter. For your Sprinter to keep running efficiently, the engine emissions need to be properly taken care of. When the DPF becomes clogged, the emissions are not able to escape. They remain in the engine. This increase in emissions slows down the working process of the engine. With this, the engine is not able to function optimally and the responsiveness and fuel economy is reduced.

Also, fumes build up in the engine, which can cause serious damage. Damage that will require more repair than a simple unclogging of the DPF.

Cleaning the Clogged DPF

If you notice either of the above-mentioned signs of a clogged diesel particulate filter, it is time to bring your Sprinter to your trusted mechanics at Escondido German Auto located near Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and Valley Center, CA.

Sprinter Diesel Particulate Filter

Our mechanics are certified in all things relating to German vehicles including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Sprinter, and Volkswagen. At the time of your previously scheduled appointment, our mechanics will use the latest and most up to date diagnostic tools to determine the exact issue with the DPF. Once the clog has been identified, quality parts and supplies are used to efficiently address the clog.

You will be happy that you brought your Sprinter to us because you will be driving away in a fully repaired Sprinter and will have confidence in your vehicle again.

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