You’re at the gas pump and your car has the option of pumping unleaded 87 or premium gas. Which one do you choose? What are the benefits of using premium gas anyways? Escondido German Auto is here to help you answer this common question at the pump. Find out if premium gas will save you money and if it’s worth the extra dollar at the pump.

Octane Levels Explained:

Octane levels are the numbers you see on the gas pumps to describe the fuel you’re choosing. The most common are 87 (unleaded) and 91 (premium) fuel. Octane is the name of a chemical compound that helps power your car’s engine. The octane level is the percentage of the fuel’s performance against a pure octane. The lower the number, the faster it burns. The lower octane powers easier but it burns easier. However, the lower octane fuel is more likely to knock. This means that there are small explosions happening in your engine that may interfere with performance and normal operations and parts. When you ignore these knocks, this can lead to an expensive repair. Your car requires a certain octane level to help it perform well. Choosing the wrong gas can affect its performance.

Why Would I Use High Octane Fuel?

High octane fuel has a higher chance of preventing engine knock than lower octane fuels. In other words, it’s higher quality. High-pressure vehicles may require only premium fuel in order for the engine to function well. The higher octane fuel will reduce knocks in a high-pressure environment. If your vehicle doesn’t require high octane fuel, it won’t prevent any knocks from happening. Follow the fuel that’s in your engine requirements.

Is High Octane Fuel More Efficient?

No, you will receive the same gas mileage with premium fuel as you would with unleaded fuel. As long as you give your vehicle the fuel it requires to run well, your gas mileage with be good.

How Do I Improve My Fuel Economy?

If you want to get the most gas mileage out of your car, your type of gas isn’t the first place to start. We first recommend visiting us at Escondido German Auto to have your car serviced regularly. Having a regular oil change as well as balanced tires can make all the difference when it comes to fuel economy. We also recommend removing any unnecessary items from your car that might weigh it down. This can cut down on fuel economy. Lastly, if you’re going to be sitting idle for an extended period of time, turn your car off and roll your windows down. This will save you lots of gas.

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