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Audi Engine Misfire

When your Audi misfires, it can be very stressful, leaving you wondering about the health of your engine and the lifespan of your vehicle. This is why it is important to seek professional remediation of your problem and understand what’s happening during engine misfires. Let’s look at the common causes of misfires and what mechanic can do to solve the problem.

Check Engine Light Illumination

For many drivers, the first warning sign comes in the form of the illumination of the check engine light. The check engine light, or EML, is a brilliant feature designed to look after your engine. This light is triggered by your Audi’s onboard computer, or ECU, and is a helpful tool for mechanics to quickly get to the root cause of your misfiring issue. When the light is triggered, the ECU also sends out precise fault codes which describe the issue. Mechanics can then use a diagnostic tool known as an OBD-II to interpret these and make much more timely repairs.

Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires

When it comes to spark plugs, you can choose either DIY or professional repairs, as they are an inexpensive part that is easy to access and fix, costing around $2 a piece. Changing out spark plugs takes less than an hour, and due to recent innovations, namely the use of yttrium, platinum, and viridium, spark plugs now last much longer than they did before.

The spark plug wires are a little more costly costing at upwards of $30 for a set. It’s best to change these out when you change the spark plugs, as these need to be removed to access the plugs, so you might as well replace these if you’re already working with the wires.

Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is incharge of converting low-voltage electricity to high-voltage electricity, which the spark plugs will use to make a spark. A prime indicator that your coils are on the fritz occurs when your Audi frequently misfires or even backfires. This part can be replaced at home but does require more experience. As your mechanic can do this much quicker and will typically inspect the rest of the ignition system as a whole, it’s actually more beneficial and cost effective to sit back and let the professionals take over.

Vacuum Leaks

Lean running of your engine is typically caused by problems with your fuel injectors or a vacuum leak. To find out if you have a leak, turn on your engine and listen for the sound of air escaping. This is a clear sign of a vacuum leak that you can have your mechanic pinpoint for you. There’s no point going to the effort of trying to find and patch a vacuum hose leak, as the hose is an inexpensive part to replace.

Mechanical Misfires

The most tricky type of misfire to diagnose and fix is a mechanical misfire. This type is typically reserved for older Audi models. The term “mechanical misfire” is broad and can refer to the failure of a variety of parts within the engine system. Because of this, only an expert mechanic can properly diagnose your vehicle’s specific problem, which can include part failure such as a stretched timing chain. This will need a specialist’s equipment to diagnose. Mechanical misfires can also be caused by failures of gaskets, cylinders, the camshaft, or the crankshaft. So, as you can see, when it comes to mechanical misfires, it can take a lot of sleuthing to get to the heart of the issue!

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