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Noise From PorscheHearing strange noises while driving can be unsettling for many drivers. This is because these noises usually point to a fault or something broken that may not be working properly. Considering how important it is for most of us to have a fully functioning and reliable vehicle, it is no surprise that these noises can put a damper on one’s driving experience, as they can make you doubt your car’s ability to get you where you’re going safely.

While the Porsche is one of the most reliable vehicle models in terms of workmanship and design as well as the quality of engineering, it is yet to achieve perfection. Porsche owners have reported certain flaws in their cars over the course of their driving. Unusual clicking and beeping noises can come up in different parts of the car. This begs the question of what could be the exact reason behind these noises.

Causes of Clicking and Beeping Sounds

Ticking and clicking noises can be the result of several different issues. Some of these reasons include:

Faulty valves

In a fuel injected engine, there are valves that open and close to allow fuel into the combustion chamber. These valves can become misaligned or sticky, preventing them from working as they should. The valve may end up knocking against the cylinders, causing clicking sounds to emanate from the engine.

Wear and tear

One of the most common places to encounter regular wear under the hood is the battery. If the terminals in the battery have been corroded, the car will have trouble starting, which can cause clicking sounds. The corrosion in the terminals will be characterized by green-blue deposits on the terminals that impair the supply of voltage to the starter.

Other than the terminals, the starter motor breaking down will also cause clicking noises in the car. This could be as a result of the starter motor being old and needing replacement or not receiving the right voltage to turn it.

Low battery levels

When the battery of the car cannot provide the required amount of electricity to power the automated functions of the car, including starting, there will be clicking sounds when you try to start the car. The quick clicking noises are produced because the starter will go on and off. When the power in the battery runs low, the clicking sounds when starting the car will also be heard. A bad alternator seal will also cause the battery to run low, bringing on a clicking sound.

In addition to the above mentioned possible causes of clicking sounds, it is also possible that the CV joint could be responsible for the clicking noise that is produced in the wheels when the vehicle makes turns. The simple explanation for this noise is normal wear in the moving parts of the joint that rub against each other due to poor lubrication.

Possible Solutions for Clicking Sounds

Because of the different reasons that may bring about clicking noises, it is very important to get an accurate diagnosis in order to take the right corrective Porsche Strange Noises Fix measures. This can only be done by a professional auto mechanic with experience dealing with luxury models. Seeking help from a professional will also enable you to avoid sticky situations such as dead batteries that can cause stalling of the vehicle.

In case the clicking sound is coming from the engine, having a professional look at it will prevent the engine from becoming damaged any further as will likely happen if left unchecked. It is also important to seek the assistance of a reputable auto repair shop in order to avoid further compounding the problem.

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