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BMW Suspension System

When looking for a car that exudes luxury, comfort, and impressive performance on the road, people opt for BMW. Car enthusiasts have called it a “Road Beast“, and that is true in its entirety. However, if your car’s suspension system starts developing a fault, your driving experience will drop significantly.

The suspension of your car is responsible for maintaining a smooth interaction between your vehicle and the road. Other components allow you to enjoy your drive because it elevates your vehicle from the ground and maintains it through sensors that interact with springs or air sacs.

The suspension comprises three integral parts, namely the springs, shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars. These parts help to absorb shocks and guide your car over bumps safely without causing any damage to the hood.

From the functions mentioned above, you can see that a healthy suspension is critical to the performance of your car. Hence, a certified mechanic must carry out routine maintenance on the suspension.

Common Reasons for a Suspension Failure

  • Rough Roads and Bumps: Driving over road bumps and road imperfections at high speed puts your car at risk of suspension failure. The springs in the suspension system can break easily with bump impacts and cause the whole suspension system to fail.
  • Corroded Springs: If your BMW does not use air bags but uses springs, they are created from steel. They can quickly rust, become weak, and break apart. When the springs corrode, the suspension system of your BMW will start showing signs of failure.
  • Overloading Your Car: Overloading your vehicle with too much load strains the suspension system. Be mindful of how much you pack in your BMW. Every vehicle has its load capacity, and exceeding it is very risky.

Signs of suspension failure in BMW

Rough Riding

One thing that separates BMW from other car brands is the owners’ smooth rides. However, when the suspension begins to fail, your car’s shock absorbers develop faults and reduce the driving experience. You will start to feel everything that happens underneath your vehicle. For example, when your vehicle hits a curb, you will feel the impact as you drive, which can be very discomforting. When this happens, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to our BMW experts.

One Corner Dips

If the suspension of your BMW develops a fault, it will start falling or sagging at one side. Also, as you drive, you might find it difficult to turn at corners or sharp bends. Consequently, your car will hit bumps and curbs even though you try to avoid them. When you notice this, report it to our BMW specialists so they can repair it to prevent damage to other parts.

Unusual Sounds as you Drive

These are usually the earliest sign that cars give when your vehicle is faulty. So, if you start hearing clunking, clucking, thumping, or screeching sounds from the suspension, then that means the suspension needs immediate repairs.

Vibrating Steering Wheels

If the steering wheel of your BMW starts vibrating, that is a direct indication of misalignment of your wheels and a failing suspension system. Mind you, other faulty parts of the transmission system can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. When this occurs, your BMW can veer off course as you drive, which is dangerous to you and others on the road.

Tips for maintaining the suspension system of your BMW

  • Avoid hitting curbs, portholes, and road bumps as you drive.
  • Listen to the signs your vehicle gives you and report anything new to a BMW specialist.
  • Avoid reckless driving.
  • Practice routine maintenance on your BMW.
  • Bring your car to a certified BMW specialist for repairs and maintenance.

BMW Suspension System Maintenance

Escondido German Auto Will Fix Your BMW Suspension Issues

When the air suspension system develops faults, you need a reliable auto repair shop to repair the problem. Escondido German Auto is the auto repair shop that your BMW needs. We will restore your trust in BMW’s unique functionalities and safety features. Apart from BMW, we also repair other German vehicles that include Audi, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Sprinter, and Volkswagen.

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