Signs My Car Needs Factory Maintenance

At Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA, we meet a lot of car enthusiasts. These are folks who chose their German cars because they love the way they handle and drive, and they always provide the best care. However, as a firm specializing in car repair in Escondido, we cannot overemphasize the importance of high quality car maintenance. Every vehicle arrives with a manual that gives the recommended service schedule and factory maintenance suggestions, and we encourage you to find out what your car’s maker says. We also encourage you to learn the signs that your car needs factory maintenance too.

Avoid Trouble and Learn the Signs

We provide factory maintenance in Escondido, but we cannot get in touch with you to tell you that your car needs factory maintenance. So, how can you tell? We already recommended the use of your owner’s manual, but even then, unexpected issues may occur, so we provide you with these signs to use in order to determine if your car needs factory maintenance:

It won’t start easily

Any time a car gives you trouble starting, it is time for repair. While it might be an electrical issue, a battery problem, or even something with the fuel pump, it can also be that it needs a regular tune-up and service.

Low mileage

If your car suddenly stops getting the great mileage you bought it for, it means it is not managing fuel properly. This is often related to the spark plugs or fuel injector. These can be dealt with through factory maintenance.


If the car knocks or is rough sounding when it idles, it may be something related to the engine or it could be a spark plug problem. This is the time for a tune-up and checkup.


Cars are not supposed to stall, and quite often it is something that can be dealt with through simple maintenance procedures.

Every car needs factory maintenance, but it is up to you to look for the signs and to know when these things are required. We have created our own custom recommendations based on our years of experience, and are glad to share them with you.

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