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car tires FAQsIt can seem as though your car tires are fine one day and then completely bald the next. Likewise, when you get a flat tire, you might think that you only need a patch or plug, but then you find out that you need an entirely new tire. Why is that? We know that our customers have a lot of questions about auto tires and tire service, which is why we have written these helpful car tires FAQs.

How Can I Tell if I Need New Tires?

When it comes to car tires FAQs, this one is one of the most popular. You should replace your tires before the tread gets too low. To determine this, you can do the “penny test”. Hold a penny between your forefinger and thumb so that President Lincoln’s head is pointed away from your fingers. Then place the penny in the deepest part of the groove between your treads. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head over the tread, it is time for new tires. Be sure to check in several locations around the tire to see if there is uneven wear, as well.

What Should I Look for in New Tires?

When selecting a new set of tires, our customers have quite a few car tires FAQs. Basically, you want a set of auto tires that will handle well and keep you safe. Look for braking and handling ratings, as well as the tires’ ratings for roll resistance, ride comfort, general tread wear, and noise.

What Pressure Should I Run in My Tires?

There is no one universal tire pressure for all vehicles. You can find your vehicle’s specified tire pressure on the inside of the driver’s side door with other tire information, or in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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