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How Does a Transmission Work?transmission

Many people do not know how transmissions work, nor do they care. We, of course, make it our business to care so we thought we would go over the finer points of this most important vehicle component. Transmissions are the lifeline of the car, so knowing how they work can help you spot potential problem areas down the road. When those pop up, we are, of course, available to help you with any transmission repair that might become necessary. Now, let’s get the finer points relating to how they work.

Transmission Defined

It is often difficult to define this part of the vehicle in a way that makes sense in English, but let’s try. A transmission is basically the part of the car that converts the force of the engine into a power source that can be controlled. Engines produce an unbelievable amount of energy, so the transmission calms that down a bit before it reaches your tires. Without it, you would be in for quite a shock as your car or truck would skitter out of control. Proper transmissions maintenance will keep this part of the car functioning correctly and that power under control.

It All Comes Down To Gear Ratios

That’s right. Great ratios help get that torque under control so that you can enjoy a smooth driving experience. The transmission itself makes use of a series of toothed gears. These gears work with one another to produce just the right amount of torque. The gear ratio, then, relates to how each individual gear works in conjunction with the other. If you have an input gear that has 20 teeth, it will, in turn, interact with an output gear that contains 10 teeth. Just to get the gear with 20 teeth to spin around once, the gear with 10 teeth has to make two complete rotations.

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