Diagnose a Bad Muffler Bracket in a Volkswagen

April 7, 2019 - 6 minutes read

Volkswagen Passat

In most Volkswagen models, the vehicle’s muffler bracket should last anywhere from 5 to 7 years. The muffler system for any vehicle is exposed to high levels of pressure and heat, causing lots of wear on the hardware, which may lead to a need for replacement after a few years. With the technological advancements over the past decade, designers of newer, emission-controlled vehicles including Volkswagen have developed durable, high-quality muffler brackets that fare better under super-heated operating temperatures. Even with these advancements, you should expect to replace your muffler and muffler bracket after a few years of regular use.

Mufflers and muffler brackets are exposed to extreme pressure and heat, which can cause cracks, rust, and holes in the muffler and to the surrounding hardware. There are other factors that can impact the life of a muffler and muffler bracket, like speed bumps and large potholes. During the winter, or in generally colder climates, the muffler bracket can be damaged by salt on the roads. These symptoms can negatively affect your muffler bracket and muffler, so it’s important to look out for the symptoms and warning signs of a bad muffler bracket. In this article, we’ll go over the symptoms of a bad muffler bracket so you can better diagnose a problem with the muffler hardware in your Volkswagen.

Excessively Loud Noises While Running

The most telling sign of a failing muffler bracket is an unusually loud noise when running the car. If the muffler bracket goes bad in your Volkswagen it will damage the muffler, which is meant to make the car run with less noise. If the hardware surrounding your muffler is damaged, worn out, or goes bad, you will notice it immediately because your car will be much louder than it normally is. Even if the cause of the noise isn’t the muffler or muffler bracket, you should always take your car in for an inspection to make sure nothing else is causing this problem.

Rattling Noise Under Vehicle

If you hear a rattling noise coming from under your Volkswagen, it may be caused by a loose muffler which could be a result of a bad muffler bracket. If the muffler bracket becomes loose enough to fall off it could take the muffler off with it, which could lead to some serious problems with your exhaust system and engine. A rattling noise could also be caused by a loose heat shield, but regardless of the cause of the rattling noise, you should bring your car into a trusted automotive specialist before the problem progresses to something more serious.

Something Under Your Volkswagen Looks Wrong

If you can get under your Volkswagen safely, doing a visual inspection might help you to determine if your muffler bracket has gone bad. If you see any obvious problems when you look under your vehicle, it may indicate a problem with the muffler bracket if you’re noticing any other symptoms of muffler bracket wear or failure. Some examples of visible damage to the muffler hardware may be gaps or separation between muffler hardware or rusted components of the muffler or muffler bracket. If you notice any of these visual problems, you should bring your Volkswagen in for service right away as these issues could lead to more extensive damage to your vehicle.

Decreased Fuel Economy

Damage to the muffler hardware, including the muffler bracket, can dramatically decrease the fuel economy of your Volkswagen. Although this can be caused by a number of Volkswagen Muffler Bracket Check problems, if a drop in fuel economy is paired with any other signs of a bad muffler bracket you should get it checked out immediately, because if you’re wasting gas you’re also wasting money.

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