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The brakes are one of those parts of a car that are definitely taken for granted. We just assume that they will work as advertised each and every time that we operate our vehicles. Brakes are critical to the performance of a car, so it is important to take a moment to consider how they work. Brake maintenance is critical to the proper running of your vehicle; so read on to learn how you can take control of your own car or truck.

The Act of Stopping

Imagine how difficult it is to stop yourself suddenly when running downhill. As difficult as that can prove to be, imagine being a two-ton vehicle. Brakes are simply essential to making this happen. There is a great deal of kinetic energy that is present and it continues to build when a car is involved. In order to stop the vehicle, the kinetic energy must first be halted.

A great way to do this is via a parachute, much like the drag racers use. Since most cars do not come equipped with this feature, however, you will need to settle for your brakes. Our brake repair in Escondido can help fix any problems that you might have in order to ensure that the kinetic energy gets halted in its place when necessary.

3 Types of Brakes

Depending on the type of vehicle that you have, there is likely a disc, drum, or handbrake involved. A disc brake actually works when a pad of metal is forced to clamp down against the brake disc itself. That results in a rubbing motion that enables the vehicle to slow down. This type of brake is similar in function to what you would expect to see on a bicycle. They are the most common type used on cars today.

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