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benefits of new tiresIf your tires are looking worn, you might be wondering if you need to replace them now or if you can wait a few more weeks or months. Before you put tire replacement on the backburner and forget about it, you might want to consider a few of the major benefits of new tires.

New Car Tires Improve Your Gas Mileage

When your tires are worn and their tread is uneven, they can slip and/or drag, causing your car to work harder for every mile. This will significantly affect your gas mileage, but you may not notice the difference at first, as it will happen slowly over time. With new tires, you will get back to your old higher gas mileage in no time.

Better Performance in Poor Driving Conditions

Another of the noticeable benefits of new tires is your car’s performance in rain and other poor driving conditions. Worn tires do not have the traction that new tires have. With new tires, your car will stick to the road better and avoid sliding, slipping, or hydroplaning in poor conditions.

A Smoother Ride

In most cases, car tires do not wear evenly. Thus, as they get more worn out, they get bumpier, causing your car’s ride to become rougher. For a smoother, more even ride, go with new car tires.

Improved Safety

Last but not least of the top benefits of new tires is safety. Older tires are more easily punctured. They are more likely to blow out, and they are more likely to slide, as well. If you want a safer ride for yourself and your family, consider getting new tires today.

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As we mentioned earlier, these are only a few of the top benefits of new tires. To learn more about how new car tires can help you and your vehicle, contact us at Escondido German Auto today at 760-291-8520. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and help you select the best new car tires for your vehicle.