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Benefits of Transmission Service

Some car owners learn the benefits of transmission service the “hard way.” They skip this essential care and end up with costly repairs or problems that could have so easily been avoided. At Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA, we specialize in German cars of all kinds, and we cannot emphasize enough that car maintenance is far more preferable than car repair.

It can be helpful to understand the benefits of transmission service because it is the key to avoiding other kinds of auto repair and/or an expensive transmission repair or replacement:

It ensures that your system is optimally lubricated – Whether you are an automatic or manual fan, there is no argument that transmission fluid degrades over time. This is due to one thing alone – heat. It heats up during your time behind the wheel and this causes it to begin to degrade and lose its viscosity. Since lubrication is its sole function, it is essential that you have regular auto maintenance that includes tracking the age of the fluid. We use different standards based on our knowledge, so ask us what amount of mileage you should change your fluid.

It prevents the system from being bogged down – Go ahead and skip just one transmission service and you will see the difference in performance. As the viscosity degrades, the fluid thickens and begins to take on a sludge-like texture that clogs the gears. You will start to put wear and tear on the entire system, and this can have a domino effect that places strain on the engine and other systems.

It lengthens the life of the car – One of the key benefits of transmission service is that it can often prolong the life of the vehicle. This is because the service does not just drain the fluid, but it can also track the condition of the seals and find if there are small leaks that can lead to huge problems.

These are but a few of the benefits of transmission service, and if you are the owner of a high performance or German auto, we are happy to discuss the right plans for regular transmission care and service according to our knowledge and experience. We use manufacturer standards and specialized care for the best results.

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