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Signs Your Car Needs New Tirescar needs new tires

Do you know the saying that dentists use to encourage patients to have routine exams and cleanings? They say that dentistry is not expensive…negligence is! This is true because the small signs we ignore tend to add up to a much more expensive treatment the longer we ignore them. The same can be said of tires on vehicles, and at Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA we encourage all of our clients to learn to recognize the signs that a car needs new tires.

As a skilled provider of auto repair in Escondido, we can say that we have seen many seriously damaged cars that would have remained in prime condition if their owners had known how to recognize the need for new tires. So, let’s be sure you know just what to watch for the following.


Though cars might vibrate because of brake issues or suspension problems, if it feels like that vibration is below the seats, it may be the tires. Don’t ever ignore vibration, it could be that you need new tires or an even more major repair.

Bulging or cracking

Have you ever seen your car’s tires looking a bit deflated? If so, you know that they bulge at the sides. When you have low tire pressure, and you also have cracks in the tires, it can be a clear sign that you should find new tires in Escondido that day.


Though you want to leave Escondido tire repair to the experts, you can visually gauge if you need new tires by examining the treads. Some tires have specific markers molded into the treads, and if they appear it is time for new wheels. However, if you have older tires or those without this feature, you need to be sure that the treads are even and not worn substantially.


Tires deflate on their own, and many experts say at a rate of around one pound per month. So, it is essential that you check tire pressure and if it seems like you are at the air pump on a weekly basis, take it as a clear sign that you need new tires.

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